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Nicole Franzen

Happy New Year lady, hope your feeling betta :)

dabito . old brand new

Happy New Year, Alyce! Really enjoyed reading this post. And I'm thrilled to have met you in 2011. What I love about you and your blog is that there's this really sweet, subtle and quiet confidence. Did I forget to mention smart, too! I love that about you. I know as we get older, it's harder to do things but seriously, I can't preach this enough, it's never too late to start doing things we love. Don't stop ticking, ya hear!

I'm actually guilty of getting into lulls myself or even worse, doubts, but I'm okay with that. I actually love getting a little dramatic and negative sometimes. They're raw emotions and usually something great and awesome comes out of it.

To a fantastical year! :D

dabito . old brand new

P.S. Hope you're feeling super!

first came love

@Nicole Thanks dear! Slowing starting to feel better...

@Dabito Oh my goodness! I think any time I'm feeling down I'm going to read this comment! You are always so thoughtful and positive; I love your energy Dab. Here's to a fantastic year and sharing ideas/passions and more! xo

kayla @ exquisite banana

So happy to have found your blog in 2011! Here's to all of the new adventures in 2012.

first came love

Thanks Kayla! Likewise!

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