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So beautiful! I look forward to seeing the next one in 3 years!

Nicole Franzen

so beautiful :) so amazing to watch your belly grow x


Oh, lovely! xoxo

first came love

Thanks Mau! I just hope I remember to keep it going!

first came love

thanks Nicole I'm afraid the growing is to going to continue right up until the end. As of now, I'm starting to grow out of my maternity clothes!

first came love

This was right after we left you Jamie :) we got a lot that day!

Lauren Knight

What a beautiful idea! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Lauren Michele

This is beautiful! Where did you get your wedding gown? It is absolutely stunning!

first came love

Thanks Lauren K!

@Lauren Michele the dress is by Lela Rose from 2008 I think. It was called the Lighthouse. I got lucky with a great sample sale here in the city..

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